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The internet provides a wealth of useful information as well as useless misinformation on  mole traps, gopher traps, and trapping and other methods for getting rid of moles and gophers.   Here I have provided a list of links to several sites that provide quality information on mole and gopher control, and on the biology and habits of these animals.  Note that most of these informational sites predate the development of our Trapline mole and gopher traps, and thus do not mention our products or show their use.  

We also provide a listing of professional mole trappers operating in the United States and the United Kingdom, with contact information, and links to websites if available.  Of course we encourage people to buy our traps and do their own mole and gopher trapping as we feel this provides the most effective and cheapest solution to what is often a frequently recurring long term problem, and it can be a lot of fun.  But we also recognize that some folks may not have the time or interest to do this type of work themselves, and may prefer to hire professional trappers to solve this problem.        

                                                  Informational Resources on Mole Trapping

University of California Mole Control Information


                                                                Mole Trappers Directory--United Kingdom

Yorkshire Traditional Mole Catchers


Mole trap information including setting and placement instructions.  Learn how to trap moles
Step 1. Use long scre-wdriver or other suitable metal rod to probe the earth around the....
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