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Our Gophinator gopher traps and Trapline mole traps are available here for purchase online.  You can select from the below options and add traps to your online shopping cart, and then when you're ready you can hit the checkout button you will be re-directed to a secure checkout system operated by PayPal. You can pay with a PayPal account or with any major credit card.  This is a very fast and secure method of payment.  If you wish pay by check, please see note at bottom of this page.

Shipping rates are calculated based on the total dollar amount of your order and are added to your order on checkout.  Shipping rates to USA, Canada and Europe are shown at the bottom of this page.  Traps are usually shipped within 24 hours by First Class or Priority U.S. Mail.  Shipments to USA usually arrive within 2 to 3 days, while shipments to Canada and Europe can take a week or longer to arrive. 

Important Note:  Our mole and gopher traps are not the same.  If you have moles, see the information on our Trapline Mole Traps below.  If you have pocket gophers, scroll down and see information on The Gophinator gopher trap.  If you're not sure what you have, click on "Pest ID Guide" from menu above left for help identifying your pest. 
Trapline Mole Trap
The Trapline Mole Trap is made in a "standard" and a "large size", with the larger size trap having a jaw spread about 1/4 inch wider than that of the standard size trap. Other than this one small but important difference, the two sizes of mole traps are identical in all other regards. The large size is not more powerful than the standard size, as the spring tension on the two traps is identical. 

The standard size is the preferred size for trapping moles in most of the USA. It is the preferred trap for the Eastern Mole and Star Nosed Mole species that inhabit the eastern USA and the Midwest, as well as the Broadfooted Mole in California and the Coast Mole of Oregon and Washington. 

The large size trap is the preferred trap for use on European Moles found in the UK and throughout continental Europe. Many users from Michigan, Ohio, and Canada have reported better success with the large size trap, as those geographic regions seem to have relatively large moles. Finally, regardless of your geographic location, if you are trapping moles in very sandy soil(which can be a challenge), you may do well to give the larger size trap a try.  Click here for more information on international sales including contact information for Killgerm Chemical Ltd., our exclusive distributor in the UK.  
Trapline Mole Trap in use(note that traps are supplied without the cable tether on the back of the trap)
The Trapline Mole Trap--Standard Size
Two Traps--$16.99

Four Traps--$32.99

Six Pack--$48.99

Dozen Traps--$95.99
The Trapline Mole Trap--Large Size
Two Traps--$16.99

Four Traps--$32.99

Six Pack--$48.99

Dozen Traps--$95.99
The Gophinator gopher trap
The Gophinator gopher trap is made in a single size that is effective on all North American pocket gopher species, and is your best choice for trapping adult gophers throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  If you trap half-grown juvenile gophers on a regular basis, you should consider also getting some standard size Trapline Mole Traps, as they are very effective on juvenile gophers, and they fit just right in the smaller tunnels, eliminating the need for extra digging.  
Two Traps--$16.99

Four Traps--$32.99

Six Pack--$48.99

Dozen Traps--$95.99
The Gophinator Gopher Trap
Gophinator traps in use
Shipping Charges:
Shipping charges are based on the total dollar amount of your order according to the following guidelines.  Shipping charges will be applied to your order on checkout. 

Domestic (USA):           Dollar amount of order        Shipping charge
                          Up to $49.99                  $6
                          $50 to $199.99                $9
                          $200 to $499.99               $12
                          $500 and up                   $15

Canada and Mexico         Up to $49.99                  $14
                          $50 to $99.99                 $20
                          $100 to $149.99               $27
                          $150 to $199.99               $32
                          $200 and up                   $50

Europe and Worldwide      Up to $49.99                  $16
                          $50 to $99.99                 $24
                          $100 to $149.99               $36
                          $150 to $199.99               $40
                          $200 and up                   $60

Order by Mail:

To place an order for traps by US Mail, please write a note including your name, mailing address, and telephone number, along with the quantity and type of traps you wish to purchase (Gophinator, standard mole or large mole), and calculate charges based on above prices and shipping rates, and send with check or money order to:

Steve Albano
P.O. Box 4128
Menlo Park, CA  94026

mole traps
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Vole Trapping Kits
Our vole trapping kits come with everything you see in use on our vole trapping instructional video on the vole page of this site.  This includes the durable vinyl trap covers, the u-shaped stakes for staking down the covers over the traps, the traps themselves (pre-drilled ready for the nail sakes), and the appropriate sized nails for staking the traps down, and an instruction sheet on how to trap voles.

Voles are easy to trap with these kits, however voles can be prolific, and faster control can be achieved by setting higher numbers of traps.     
Two covers with 4 traps and stakes --$16.99

Four covers with 8 traps and stakes --$32.99

Six covers with 12 traps and stakes --$48.99

Dozen covers with 24 traps and stakes --$95.99
Everything you need to get started in vole trapping.  Here our six pack of vole covers is shown, including the six covers, 12 pre-drilled traps, and stakes for the covers and for the traps.   
International Sales

  Please note that we no longer ship direct to the United Kingdom, as Killgerm Chemical Ltd. now acts as our exclusive distributor in the UK.  If you are resident in the UK and wish to purchase our traps, please contact Killgerm on the web or by phone or fax as shown below.

Killgerm Chemical Ltd.  

Phone: 01924 268420
Fax:     01924 264757
email:  sales@killgerm.com

Hori Hori Knife/Digging Tool
The Hori Hori knife or digging tool has its origins in Japan as a specialized tool for transplanting Bonsai trees.  Its heavy duty narrow long blade make it the perfect tool for digging out gopher and mole burrows in any soil type, and we have used these extensively in our mole and gopher control service business for years.  They also make an excellent all around gardening and weeding tool.  We work directly with a manufacturer to  get these made to our specifications--this particular tool has a thicker stainless steel blade and a longer wooden handle than most similar products on the market.  We feel we are offering a first rate quality product at a price that's hard to match anywhere on the net.  
One Trapline Hori Hori Knife --$16.95

Two Trapline Hori Hori Knives--$31.95

Important note on shopping cart
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Please note that the shopping cart will appear in a small window, and in order to see the checkout button and use other functions of the cart, you may need to "maximize" the shopping cart window by clicking the middle of the three small rectangles in upper right corner of the window. 
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