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We get positive comments and feedback on the effectiveness of our mole and gopher traps on an almost daily basis--we're sure we have more pictures of trapped gophers and moles than anyone else on the planet--and keep 'em coming.  We love it. 

In this section of the site, I would like to publish some of the comments that I get from homeowners,  animal damage control business owners, farmers, golf course superintendents, and others.  

I get many emails from people that have long been frustrated by losing the battle against moles through the use of sonic repellers, poison gummy worms, ineffective traps, and the many other ineffective products that are sold for mole control, and they're thankful to have finally found something that actually works against moles. 

I am particularly gratified by emails I receive from people who have built viable mole and gopher control service businesses around the use of my products, or have added mole or gopher control to an already existing animal damage control business.

Thanks folks for all your kind words and support!
"I've used just about every pocket gopher trap currently on the market and the Gophinator is my favorite. This trap is easy to set, fits into narrow runs and has the power and proper jaw spread to catch even the largest of pocket gophers. The Gophinator's unique frame allows the gopher a clear path to the trigger, resulting in a higher catch ratio."

David J. Purwin, President
Desert Wildlife Services, Inc.
Tucson, Arizona
Special Alert to gardeners:

Gophers have long been a problem in California gardens.  Many folks have given in to the frustration of gophers and used toxic gases and poisons to control them.  I have always been a proponent of trapping to control them but teaching effective trapping has been challenging.  Now, for the first time ever, I can say I have found a revolutionary product called "The Gophinator".  This device by Trapline Products is similar to the Macabee snap traps but much improved.  Stainless steel material and a better design make this trap close to perfect.  I had heard it was remarkable but I wanted to try it before I endorsed it.  So far I am at 96% success rate for my trapping and gophers are now not a problem.  Thank you Steve Albano for designing this most remarkable trapping system."

Corey Welles
Plant Healthcare Coordinator
Ganna Walska Lotusland

Thanks, Corey! 
(Lotusland is a world renown botanical gardens located near Santa Barbara, California)

I want to tell you I am amazed at how well your mole traps work.   Boy do I have Moles.  I have a ½ acre next to a 3 acre field.  I’ve got mole holes, mole tunnels and moles in the front yard, the back yard, the side yards, both sides, down below, everywhere.  I’ve tried everything for the past two years to kill moles.  I’ve tried bait pellets, bait gummy worms, gas sticks (I’ve buried 200-250 gas sticks in the last two years) I’ve tried every type of trap that they sell at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.   I’ve placed the traps dozens of time and never caught a thing.  I’ve read all the instructions, searched the internet for techniques, and watched every YouTube video there is on Mole catching techniques.  

Then I ran across your traps and ordered some only a week ago.  I set them, waited 3 days, and my son and I decided to dig one up, and were SHOCKED.  We had a mole!  I checked the other traps, and was shocked some more….  3 Moles on my First try!!!

I’m going to keep on using them because I still have lots of Moles, but I think I’ve finally found the answer to my mole problem.

Duane T.,  Portland, OR
My First Mole Kill !!!  

Hi Steve,

Your traps really work. I followed your video advice and it work perfectly.  See the attached photos. This mole was trapped in less than two days. It appears that there was only one mole causing all of the damage. This seems hard to believe but I have not see anymore mole activity.

Last week I tried the Bobcat worm before I got your traps so I suppose that one of the six worms could have killed a mole but there may have been only one mole since I read that they are solitary animals but it is had to believe that one small animal can cause such destruction with tunnels all over the flower bed that crush when you walk over them. Is it possible that this could have been the work of only one mole?

In any event your trap worked flawlessly just like you said that it would and you web videos were fantastic. Just want to give you some feed back from a happy customer.

George H., Mount Dora, Florida 
I also sell traps on Ebay, and I'm proud to say that  I currently have a 100% positive feedback rating on that site with almost 1,000 people having left positive  feedback for me on trap purchases, and not a single negative.  Here's some selected feedback from Ebayers on the Trapline Mole Traps....

"Holy moley!  I am a real trapper now!" May 1, 2009

"Caught two moles the first week"  April 8, 2009

"Awesome, these work like crazy" March 30, 2009

"WOW, nice traps.  Caught one first night" March 21, 2009

"DEAD MOLES, YAHOO!"  February 14, 2009

"Wow, finally trapped them! All 8 of them! Traps are great!!!!" February 6, 2009

"I hate to sound cliché, but trap worked first night!!!" May 26, 2009

"These things are amazing! I got them yesterday and put them in and caught one!!!"  May 12, 2009

"I got 2 moles in the first 24 hours" May 11, 2009

And here's a sampling of feedback from Ebay members on The Gophinator gopher trap...

"What an awesome product!!!! DEADLY!!!! 4 traps 4 kills overnight !"  April 24, 2007

"Excellent traps!!! Caught 132 gophers last year and 85 so far this year! "  June 30, 2008
"Within 1 day, 'my gopher' was history! It was easy! A+++"  October 6, 2007

"Got here in just a few days and have caught over a dozen gophers" August 27, 2007
" I now have 8 Gophinators resulting in 38 gophers"  August 12, 2007
"These things are sick. God bless you!" May 10, 2007--

"2nd set of 4 traps. Awesome gopher killing devices. None better...PERIOD" May 10, 2007

"Thank you:thee BEST gopher traps ever!!!"May 10, 2007

"Got a gopher on first try! Much better results than Macabee traps! Thanks!!!" May 8, 2007

"The ONLY gopher trap I've used that ACTUALLY works!" April 22, 2007

"Great traps!! All 4 have caught gophers within 24 hours! Super service too! Thanks!"  April 12, 2007

"WOW, Believe me this trap really works!!!   Thanks"    March 22, 2007
Mole trap information including setting and placement instructions.  Learn how to trap moles
Step 1. Use long scre-wdriver or other suitable metal rod to probe the earth around the....
Meadow voles, also known as field mice, are common pests in lawns and gardens and can be...
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Mole and Gopher Trapping Testimonials

"Steve, this is typical Florida gopher damage, and today's catch. Twelve traps set so far. Twelve gophers. No misfired traps, no backfilled holes. Awesome product."

"Steve, As i said in the e-mail. those traps are far superior to anything i've been using.They should work great for anything I'll encounter"

-Ken Emerson, Aripeka Florida

These photos are courtesy of fellow National Wildlife Control Operator's Association member Ken Emerson, of Aripeka, Florida who's using The Gophinator on the large Southeastern Pocket Gopher, Geomys pinetus. 

Thanks for the photos and the feedback, Ken.  Glad to hear The Gophinator works as well on the large Geomys species of pocket gophers as it does on the slightly smaller Thomomys species we have here in the western states.